Access the Australian Outback from Cairns

The Cairns region is a choice holiday destination for tourists because it is a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef as well as rainforests of the national parks. Not a lot of people know that Cairns is also a great kick-off point to start your Australian Outback holiday.

Guests at Cairns City Apartments can enjoy their outback holiday surrounded by red hills and fiery sunsets, dinosaur footprints and Aboriginal carvings, colourful characters and rustic pubs. About an hour away from Cairns City, our Accommodation Cairns guests can visit Mareeba, an area which offers a way into the interior and a number of interesting outback experiences. It hosts the annual Mareeba Rodeo which is one of the largest festivals in Australia.

When visiting our Cairns luxury apartments can also stop by Chillagoe an old mining town which is home to a remarkable underground cave system and is haven for fossickers and geologists. With its ochre red landscape and scrubby trees, Chillagoe is a fast introduction to the Australian Outback famous around the world.

Outback holiday-goers can also check out the Undara Lava Tubes. It was formed by volcanic eruption about 190,000 years ago at the Undara Volcanic National Park.

Cairns is truly a great place for holiday-goers to get an intensive Outback immersion.

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