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The fantastic Cairns Weather is here!!

Posted in Local Area @ Apr 19th 2013 2:17pm - By Cairns City Apartments

With gorgeous days of clear skies and warm dry weather it is no wonder the people of Cairns are smiling! 

The perfect conditions of the past few days will be in the air again today as the weather bureau forecasts more fine weather. Cool and dry winds have brought overnight temperatures down, with Cairns recording a low of 20.6C about 6am yesterday morning before it heated up to 30.4C in the afternoon.Those temperatures are almost right on the monthly averages for April, which historically ranges from 20C to 30C.The cooler nights and sunny days will continue on Saturday and Sunday. 

Conditions on the reef are also absolutely perfect over the next few days with 5-10 knots forecast throughout the day. A perfect time to get out on the Great Barrier Reef and experience one of the wonders of the world first hand. 

It doesnt get much better than that! 


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